Backlinks Check – The Best Free Tools To Use

Performing a backlinks check of your website is a must. Google now works in real-time to check your backlinks and will heavily penalize you if you suddenly add a lot of low quality, spammy backlinks.

I purchased this domain name a few days ago as it already has quite a few backlinks, which will help its ranking in the serps. The first thing I like to do with a new domain name is to check the number and quality of backlinks, together with the variations of anchor text previously used.

Backlink Checker – Moz

Moz is the most widely used backlinks check website, but the results are not always the most accurate.
backlinks check moz

Best Backlink Checker

I find Majestic to be the best backlink checker as it gives the most accurate number of backlinks along with a breakdown of the anchor text used.
backlinks check majestic

Backlinks Check – Complete List Of URLs

I like Web SEO Analytics. Not only does it confirm the number of backlinks as per Majestic, but you can also download a full list of the backlinking URLs.

Google Backlinks Check Results

If you type Backlinks Check into Google, the website in the number 1 position is Backlink Watch. Before I knew better, this was the website I would use to check backlinks. The only reason it is at number 1 is because of the huge volume of backlinks they have created. They are basically using the large volumes of traffic they receive to tempt people to buy their link packages. Their backlinks check results are not even close to accurate.

Best Free Backlink Tool

In summary, Majestic was the best free backlink tool I used to evalute whether or not to buy the domain name.

Get Backlinks

To get backlinks for your website you should use the above free tools to build a massive list of your competitor’s backlinks. If a website has linked to them, then they should allow a link to you. But only pick out the quality backlinks.

Backlink Quality Checker

The best backlink quality checker I have found is ScrapeBox. It allows you to sort by the number of outbound links, the page and domain authorities, and much more. Then you can either run a backlink blast or for higher quality backlinks, you can set up links manually.

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