How to Build Free Backlinks for your Site?

How to Build Free Backlinks for your Site (backlinks are links from other sites that can help increase your site’s popularity).
Although paid methods can help you get backlinks a lot faster, using these free methods can save you a lot of money.

Directory Submission: There are literally thousands of free web directories out there. This is one good way to build backlinks, although directory submission takes weeks to months to years to get approved because these are manually approved. Please make sure the directories have a Google PageRank value.

Article Submission: To do this, first you need to have an article ready. Your article must be unique, well thought of, and related to the site link you want to place on Articles Directories. Articles on Article Directories are then copied to other sites along with your link, that means it helps in getting more backlinks for your site.

Comment Posting: Akismet was created to prevent people from spamming blogs. To prevent your site from being banned, make your comments relevant and sensible and don’t place a link on your comment, but only on the URL field. Make sure these comments doesn’t have a nofollow on the link rel attribute.

Write Quality Content: Quality content means original and interesting content that people will talk about and possibly post links from their site, talking about the post you made on your site. It is best that your content is current and the topics are widely talked about, even controversial topics are good link bait.

Social Bookmaking: Got a good content that nobody knows? Share it with everybody. Social Bookmaking sites help increase your site visits and backlinks when people bookmark your site on their favorites list. Just make sure you don’t abuse by bookmaking all the pages of your site or you will be banned by them.

Give something away for Free: Do you know how to create web templates? Build as many as you can and people will start using them, and along with it are your links. The number of backlinks generated are endless. But if you cant, you can still give away something for like free quote-of-the-day, etc. something like that.

Contribute to Wikipedia: Are you an expert of something or have some good information you want to share? Post it in Wikipedia (sign in required) and along with it is a link to your site as the resource page of the information posted on the wiki. Make sure you don’t post all the time of they’ll ban you.

Social Networking: MySpace, Friendster, FaceBook, and even YouTube can be called a Social Networking site. These sites are good sources of traffic, especially if you a lot of friends in the list or you have a funny and interesting content you have posted on your account page. Get connected and you can get links.

Government and Education Sites: Government and Education sites are quality backlinks, meaning Search Engines value sites more if they are linked from these kind of sites. It’s very hard to get these kind of links but you can start by participating in their forums.
Forum Posting: I have been doing these to spam sites, but not anymore 😉 . The right forum posting technique is to participate on sites that you are really interested in. This way you can enjoy posting on forums and you will be surprised you already have thousands of posts on forums with your links on your signature.

Join Groups: Being an active member of several organizations can help you get backlinks as well. Most established organizations have good traffic and PR and if your site is linked there, your site can have a good backlink from this site as well as other members can link your site from their sites too.

Participate to Yahoo! Answers: Yahoo! Answers is a very popular section from Yahoo! and people visit there to ask questions and participate by posting the best answer. First, look for a question you think you can answer, post the answer on your site and finally post the Answer in Yahoo! Answers along with your link.

Post on Craigslist: Most of the traffic this site gets are from the US. If you wish to get good traffic from Craigslist, make your post catchy and not spam. Craigslist is more of a traffic generating site than a source for backlink since a post expires after sometime. Make your links last by posting regularly.

Know your Competitors’ Backlinks: Check out your competitors backlinks. Link to relevant sites / categories. If your site is about cars, link to pages related to cars only. Link to sites with good Page Rank value. Link to sites with good traffic. MANY backlinks are good for your site. RELEVANT backlinks are better than regular backlinks. RELEVANT and HIGH PR Backlinks are better than relevant backlinks. HIGH TRAFFIC, RELEVANT and HIGH PR Backlinks are the best backlinks every site needs.

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